Click Fraud, Nobel Net, Twit & Run, Spanish Prisoners and Net Decade

Click Fraud Drops From ’08 Record High
Q4 Rate of 15.3%

A recent click fraud study pegged the Q409 rate at 15.3% which was down from the record high of 17.1% twelve months earlier but up from the Q309 rate of 14.1%

More info:  Click Fraud Up during Q4 2009: Click Forensics, DM News

Net a Nobel Finalist
Iran Tweets Cited As Web Power to Promote Peace and Democracy

A petition drive started by Wired Italy to nominate the Internet for the Nobel Peace Prize appears to have had success as the 40-year old creation is purported to be on the Nobel Committee’s short list.  Advocates cite the role of Twitter in spreading the word about protests in Iran as evidence that the web can  be used to “destroy hate and conflict and to propagate peace and democracy.”

More info:  Internet Makes Short List for 2010 Nobel Peace Prize, ZDNet

Social Media and Workplace
Sun CEO Resignation and Wrongful Termination Lawsuits

The announcement of Jonathan Schwartz’s resignation as CEO of Sun Microsysems via Twitter highlighted the role that social media is playing for internal and external communications.   However, with wrongful termination lawsuits cropping up from employees terminated for their tweets or Facebook posts, employers need to have defined policies for this new medium.  Are you protected?

A Fool and His Money
Advanced Fund Email Scam Losses Reach Record $9.3 billion

In 2009, a record $9.3 billion was lost worldwide to advanced fund fraud schemes (also known as “Nigerian Email”, ‘419 Schemes or the “Spanish Prisoner Scam”) – $2.1 billion in the US alone.   The nearly 50 percent increase is very surprising given the fact that these schemes are the butt of many a joke.  It is no laughing matter given that some of the schemes have had connections to terrorism.  These schemes are not exclusive to Nigeria, but 93 percent of active scammers are Nigerian.

From time to time we will provide some benchmarks on the state of the Internet today.  Today’s is AMEX Internet Stock Index from boom to bust to boom.