Google, Facebook in Hot Water Over Privacy

Google, Facebook in Hot Water Over Privacy

Facebook’s recent changes to its privacy policy to adopt instant personalization was not well received on Capitol Hill where four Senators called for the FTC to establish privacy standards for social networking sites; while also urging Facebook to switch to an opt-in process for changes to data sharing practices.
The move was also condemned by Facebook’s former Chief Privacy Officer Chris Kelly (who currently is running for California Attorney General) and by 15 public interest groups which filed a “complaint” with the Federal Trade Commission.
In Google’s mailbox was a letter from the data protection heads for 10 countries indicating that they were concerned that, “too often, the privacy rights of the world’s citizens are being forgotten as Google rolls out new technological applications.” The letter noted that the launch of Google’s Buzz application betrayed a “disappointing disregard for fundamental privacy norms and laws.” During a press conference on the letter, Canada’s privacy chief indicated that the implications for both Google and Facebook’s privacy actions was quite serious, but was hesitant about pursuing a punitive approach.