TED’S TUBES: RIAA Suits, Cyber Attacks and Click Fraud

No Solid Gold in RIAA File Sharing Suits
The Recording Industry Association of America is finding that its legal war against over 18,000 file sharers is about as big a hit as Pat Boone’s 1997 heavy metal album.   While the RIAA has recovered about $1.4 million in damages, it has spent about $63 million in the process — or $45 for every dollar recovered.  A recent award of $675,000 was thrown out as unconstitutionally excessive.   This may explain the RIAA’s decision to stop suing individual file sharers.

More Info:  RIAA’s Losing Gamble: Spends $63M For Copyright Suits, Daily Online Examiner; Judge slams, slashes “unconstitutional” $675,000 P2P award, Ars Technica

Study Finds Cyber Attacks Costs Businesses $3.8M/Year
A study by the Ponemon Institute involving 45 major corporations found that on average cyber attacks costs the businesses $3.8 each year, but noted that response costs could be substantially reduced by the  appointment of one senior level leader with overall responsibility for security and implementation of a strategic plan for security, data protection and privacy-related issues.  On a related note, the White House announced plans are underway to work with industry and advocacy groups to develop a voluntary online identity management plan to enable consumers to o authenticate themselves online for different types of transactions.  More Info: U.S. Outlines Security Strategy for Online Identity;  eWeek,Cyber-crime Costs Enterprises $3.8 Million a Year, Report Finds, eWeek

Studies Click Fraud Up, Disagreement over How Much
Two quarterly click fraud studies found that click fraud was up over last year but disagree over how prevalent it is.  Click Forensic’s Q2 study estimated click fraud at 18.6 percent, compared to Anchor Intelligence which reported at 28.9 percent rate for Q2.  Report: Click Fraud Rate Up To 18.6 Percent, Search Engine Land.

Advocacy Group Publishes Net Censorship Map

Global Voices, a Free Speech advocacy group, publishes a world map detailing incidents of governments blocking access to web content.  the group’s “Threatened Voices” project tracks countries where bloggers have been threatened, arrested or killed.  More info:  Global Voices