Amazon Tax Presentation @ ERA Convention

Why a Colorado State Law Could Turn E-commerce on its Head, taking place from 11:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m., focuses on the little-known issue that could have the biggest impact on attendees’ e-commerce business. The law, which went into effect May 1 of this year, imposes a significant (and some say unconstitutional) burden on online retailers who don’t even have a physical presence in the state. Learn from two of the nation’s leading attorneys on this issue, Bennet Kelley of the Internet Law Center and Matthew Schaefer of Brann and Isaacson (who is directly involved in a legal challenge to the legislation). Syndero’s Pat Donohoe will offer the e-retailer’s perspective.

It was dubbed s one of the three don’t miss panels from the convention.  The Internet Law Center’s slides are below.

ERA Amazon Presentation

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