In the Courts: Righthaven Retreats & History Sniffing

Righthaven in Retreat

After courts’ began expressing hostility towards copyright troll Righthaven’s lawsuits against bloggers and others, Righthaven has reversed course and is seeking to dismiss its case against explaining it will no longer file suit if less than 75 percent of the work is used. At the same time, Righthaven’s continued viability was brought into question after the Las Vegas Review dismissed its publisher and editor who had been Righthaven’s principal supporters. In total it is believed that Righthaven filed approximately 180 lawsuits and yielded on average $3,500 in settlements.


YouPorn Target of Class Action In Latest Privacy Frontier

The last decade has shown that addressing abuses on the internet is a moving target as the threat du jour shifts from spam to spyware and now “history sniffing”.  Since a browser color codes links that have been opened, by using a script to detect the presence of such colors, YouPorn and a host of other non-adult sites such as Wired Magazine were able to access users browsing history without their knowledge.  This had led to a class action lawsuit in Los Angeles federal court against YouPorn’s Dutch parent.

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