Blog Street Journal: Righthaven, WordPress Attacks and Mar 12th


Righthaven Dashboard and Update

Righthaven has filed an appeal of the sole district court decision dismissing its copyright infringement claims – a risky move since a negative ruling could shut down its operations entirely. The tactics of the copyright troll, has triggered a strong a response as the Media Bloggers Association and the Electronic Frontier Foundation are involved in defending some claims.


In addition, after a Righthaven suit forced a blank year old autistic blogger to shutter his site, the international NGO Reporters Without Borders responded that Righthaven was setting a “very bad precedent for freedom of the press in the U.S.” and compared their tactics to efforts of “authoritarian regimes to silence netizens”.


WordPress Sustains Record DDoS Attack from China

Popular blog platform WordPress sustained its largest Denial of Service to date during two separate large attacks last week.  The attacks were traced to China and believed to be directed at certain Chinese language blogs.
Third Annual World Day Against Cyber Censorship


Saturday March 12th is World Day Against Cyber Censorship. While this 3rd annual World Day is certain to get more attention following Egyptian and Libyan governments’ shutting down the internet in their countries, it comes just after a report by the European Digital Rights group charging that ISPs increasingly have become corporate censors.