Ted’s Tubes: Wild West and Akamai State of Net Report


Ahead of his time?

The Wild Wiki West

In the last few months, we have seen a dizzying number of reports of politically motivated hacking and website attacks, often involving groups such as Wiki-Leaks or Anonymous. Now comes HBGary-Gate, which revealed that hacking has gone from the coffee house to the board room as HB Gary Federal documents uncovered plans for the Chamber of Commerce to attack pro-union websites and other tactics not seen since the 1972 Nixon campaign. HB Gary Federal’s CEO has stepped down rather than face an anticipated Congressional investigation.

InfoWorld’s Ted Samson manages the rare feat of viewing these events in a nonpolitical fashion and asks the simple question “should we cheer or fear cyber vigilantes?” Taking it one step further, can this escalation lead anywhere but to more and more cyber vigilantism and a denigration of privacy and property rights and respect for the law?

Akamai State of the Internet: USA #1 Again

Akamai’s latest quarterly report on the state of the Internet showed the U.S. returning to the number slot . . . for internet threats.
On the issue of average and fastest speeds and broadband penetration the US was 12th, 7th and 9th respectively (South Korea was #1 each of these 3 categories). Listen to the podcast of Cyber Law and Business Report’s discussion with Akamai about the report.

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