Blog Street Journal: Righthaven on the Ropes, HuffPost in Court

Righthaven on the Ropes, May Lack Standing 

Righthaven, the controversial copyright troll formed by Stevens Media (publisher of the Las Vegas Review-Journal) and other papers) that has filed over 250 copyright infringement lawsuits claiming it holds the exclusive rights to the Stevens Media content and seeking damages and seizure of the defendant’s domain name, is reeling after recent court decisions.  A court has found that there is no statutory basis for Righthaven’s demand for seizure of the alleged infringer’s domain (although Righthaven continues to seek such relief in defiance of the ruling).  More importantly, Righthaven’s contract with Stevens Media was released revealing that Righthaven did not have the exclusive rights to the properties.  As a result, Righthaven defendants are seeking dismissal of the “sham” actions and claiming that Righthaven has perpetrated a fraud on the court.

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Huff Post Bloggers Sue For Piece of $315M Sale

HuffPost blogger Jonathan Tasini has filed a class action lawsuit against Huffington Post claiming that the unpaid bloggers are entitled to one-third of the $315M AOL paid to acquire HuffPost.  Tasini previously took on the New York Times over publishing freelance articles online without permission and won in a battle that went all the way to the Supreme Court.  Tasini has launched a website devoted to the lawsuit –