EU UPDATE: Cookies, Three Strikes and le “F Word”


Cookies, Three Strikes and le “F Word”

UK Postpones Enforcement of Controversial EU Cookie Rule

The EU’s Cookie Directive imposing an opt-in requirement (after providing  clear and comprehensive information about the purposes of the information collection) became effective in May, with the UK, Denmark and Estonia being the only members to have adopted implementing legislation.  The measure has been subject to scorching criticism in Europe  for requiring countless pop-ups which users hate (an extreme example of this may be found here with one of the 11 such pop-ups displayed on the right) and for being the de facto Silicon Valley Full Employment Act, such that the UK has delayed enforcement for one year. It is also reported that the EU will impose an opt-in standard for mobile location date.

France Under Fire For Three Strikes and F Word Ban

The French government is being widely rebuked for its media policies.  First, the UN Human Rights Commission has condemned the French “three strikes” anti-piracy law which disconnects repeat offenders from the internet. noting that  “cutting off users from Internet access, regardless of the justification provided, including on the grounds of violating intellectual property rights law, to be disproportionate and thus a violation of . . . the International Covenant on Civil and Political Right.”  

Attention focused on France again when new regulations that forbade French broadcasters from using Facebook or Twitter other than when referring to the specific companies and to otherwise use  a generic phrase like “social network” or “reseaux sociaux.”  Of course, it would be proper to use the term Facebook and Twitter in a broadcast about ridiculous French laws.

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