Congress Watch: Net Neutrality and Piracy Fights


Net Neutrality Survives Congressional Challenge
ILC Summary of Net Neutrality Debate in E-Commerce Law & Policy 

Republican efforts to overturn the FCC’s Net Neutrality rules which went into effect this month failed by five votes in the Senate after passing the House 234-177.  Interestingly, among Senators from the top 15 states ranked by broadband penetration and speeds the vote was 72 and 76 percent in favor of net neutrality.    Bennet Kelley has written an overview of the net neutrality debate that is featured in this month’s E-Commerce Law & Policy.  In addition,  the issue was discussed by proponents and opponents of the new rules on the October 5 (second half) and  November 9 (second half) editions of Cyber Law and Business Report.


Support for Online Piracy Bill Eroding

Online anti-piracy legislation being pushed by the entertainment industry has once again become deluged with a wave of criticism concerning its over breadth and likelihood it would ensnare legitimate web activities.   Supporters such as the Business Software Alliance are now expressing misgivings about the bill and prominent Republican Darrell Issa (R-CA) and Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) have come out  against the measure.  In fact,  Issa has declared that the bill has no chance of passage.  The entertainment industry and supporters of the legislation initially tried to cast Google in the position of being pro-piracy, but Issa explained that  there is a “very broad coalition from far left to far right who realize this will hurt innovation” and that because the legislation has so many unintended consequences “they can’t just use Google as a piñata and bash on it here.”

A similar effort failed in 2010 after the legislation became known as the Internet Censorship Bill.

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