Preparing for 2012


The year end and start of the year is an excellent time to inventory and evaluate your business ​activities.  This includes reviewing (i) insurance coverage; (ii) corporate record and minute book status; (iii) intellectual property (including domain names); (iv) employee handbooks and policies; and (v)  and standard terms and conditions (for online and offline activities).  What lessons did you learn in 2011 the hard way and is there a way you can prevent it by altering your contracts or policies or through insurance for the risk?  

If you do update your materials, be sure to collect the old matter and use a different format for the new policies so it will be easy to spot when employees are using outdated materials.

Also many new laws go into effect on January 1st.  Check with your state Chamber of Commerce, since many of them will have updates on changes impacting in-state employers.  For example, the California Chamber of Commerce provides a list of changes impacting California businesses