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Featuring Tech Dirt’s Mike Masnick
and eSarcasm’s Dan Tynan

(1) Mike Masnick:  He is the CEO and founder ofTechdirt, a weblog that focuses on technology news and tech-related issues.

Masnick is also the founder and CEO of the company Floor64 and a contributor at BusinessWeek‘s Business Exchange.  Before founding Floor64, Masnick worked in business development and marketing at Release Software, an e-commerce startup, and in marketing at Intel. He has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Labor Relations.  He coined the term “Streisand effect” on the Techdirt blog in January 2005, and was interviewed about it three years later on NPR’s All Things Considered.

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US Begins Process Of Forcing Extreme IP Enforcement Across Africa

from the is-this-really-what-africa-needs? dept

Posted on Techdirt – 14 February 2012 @ 6:16am

(2) Daniel Tynan is an American journalist, television and radio commentator who specializes in technology, humor, and humorous takes on technology. A contributing editor for PC, and Family Circle magazine, he recently launched a new Geek Humor Web site titled eSarcasm, along with partner JR Raphael. Tynan formerly wrote the Our Digital Life (formerly Tech Smart)[2] column for US Airways Magazineand the Culture Crash blog[3] for, and tends the Robert X. Cringely blog “Notes From the Field” for InfoWorld.  His work has appeared in more than 50 publications, including NewsweekFamily CirclePopular ScienceWired, and He has appeared on CNN, CBS, NPR, Discovery, and Fox News, as well as dozens of regional television and radio programs.

His satirical blog, The WitList, has been featured in the journal Editor and Publisher, as well as other blogs such as Crooks and Liars,Daily Kos, Firedoglake, The Huffington Post, and TPM Cafe. His technology blog can be found at

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