Vanessa Kachadurian: Cyber Harassment Poster Child


Since 2010, I have been stalked and smeared online by a woman who was a defendant in a cyber harassment case I filed on behalf of a client.  Here is a brief summary of what this is all about.




VANESSA KACHADURIAN is a Fresno woman in her 60’s with an extensive history of cyber harassment.  In 2009, she was a defendant in a cyber harassment case I brought on behalf of Hopscotch Adoptions (a respected international adoption agency) and its founder (who received the Congressional Angel in Adoption award) in light of years of abuse by Ms. Kachadurian.  My clients never did business with Ms. Kachadurian, but became the focus of her venom once the half-Armenian Kachadurian’s own attempts at adoption failed.

The complaint alleged a campaign of ” harassment and cyber-smearing” which was part been part of an “ongoing pattern of conduct against several international adoption service providers that dates back to at least 2005.”  See Hopscotch Adoptions, Inc.  v. Kachadurian, Case No.  1:09-cv-02101 (E.D. CA – Fresno).  As counsel, I became a target of Ms. Kachadurian immediately after serving the complaint. The fact that I enabled my client to exercise their constitutional right to seek redress through the courts led her to: (i) file a bar complaint (DISMISSED); (ii) a false police complaint (the Fresno PD never bothered to even call me);  AND (iii) an attempt to obtain a restraining order against me in Fresno Superior Court (DENIED)

If this was not bad enough, Kachadurian then made death threats over the phone and in person and engaged in an epic campaign of cyber-smearing that is ongoing.  In June 2015, she entered a plea bargain and was convicted of harassing communications and violating a restraining order.  She was sentenced to twenty (20) days of community service and placed on probation for one year.


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I believe that Ms. Kachadurian is a classic example of a disturbed person who believes that there are no consequences for your actions on the Internet and who seems to take glee in her cruelty in menacing people.

These type of cases expose the limits of current law, since Kachadurian has smeared numerous companies and individuals both in the adoption space and beyond, but there was not sufficient incentive or means available to those who might otherwise take action.

There is also the issue of access to the courts if people like Ms. Kachadurian are allowed to menace victims and counsel.  I have outlined a proposal to address both of these issues in a separate post Combating Serial Harassers: Lessons from the Kachadurian Case

If you are contacted by Ms. Kachadurian or see one of her posts please do not hesitate to bring it to my attention or law enforcement.

In my years of dealing with Ms. Kachadurian, I have the reached the following conclusions:

Kachadurian is a bully and habitual cyber-harasser

Kachadurian is a malicious bully and habitual cyber-harasser with no regard for the consequences of her actions. For that, she has earned Contempt from me and many others (including her family members).  This is especially warranted since she wraps her hate in her half-Armenian heritage, which is a Christian heritage when her behavior is anything but Christian.

Kachadurian is mentally disturbed

While I am not a psychologist, it does not take long to conclude that Kachadurian is clearly mentally disturbed. It is evident that she has manic episodes as her rapid fire tweets demonstrate and needs professional help.  For that, she has my Pity.

If someone is still obsessed about the outcome of a case many years later, you do not need to look at the court docket to know which person was the loser and needs to come to terms with the outcome.  For Kachadurian, however, it is more complicated since the litigation is the result of Kachadurian’s prolonged war against adoption agencies that appears to stem from her own inability to adopt because of her mental health issues.  Failing to address this root issue has led to a cascade of calamity for her and her victims.

Kachadurian is a Criminal

Vanessa Kachaurian is also an unrepentant criminal.  Whether it is vandalizing and drawing swastikas at an office based on the mistaken belief the owner is Jewish, assaulting your opponents or even a police officer, or openly defying a criminal restraining order – that is criminal behavior and that makes Vanessa Kachadurian a criminal.

Kachadurian tries to deny that none of this happened, but she cannot run away from the fact that she has earned a new title – Convict.

Kachadurian is a Notorious Troll

Kachadurian uses a variety of Twitter accounts to unleash her hate.  These include the following: