Google Privacy Policy Fallout



Battle Still Raging Over Google Privacy Policy

Now that Google’s global privacy policy change has taken effect, the fallout has begun.  In an unusual move, the Electronic Privacy and Information Clearinghouse (EPIC) has taken the Federal Trade Commission to federal court for an order requiring that the FTC commence an enforcement action against Google on the basis that the privacy policy changes violate the FTC-Google consent decree.  The move was an EPIC FAIL as the suit was quickly dismissed since EPIC lacked standing. A class action has also been filed in New York asserting that the changes constitute a deceptive business practice and  violated the Computer Fraud Abuse Act, the Federal Wiretap Act and the Stored Electronic Communications Act. Across the Atlantic, the EU has expressed its displeasure over Google’s ignoring its call to suspend implementation of the privacy changes and has issued a twelve page letter with 69 questions Google must answer by April 5th.

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