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Silicone, Silly Con or Silicon Beach

Kevin Winston Explains Why Silicon Beach is For Real

Los Angeles currently has one of the world’s hottest startup environments, giving Silicon Beach a lot of buzz.  LA has long been a major tech center from the aerospace industry to being an early software pioneer with companies such as Ashton Tate.

Area companies listed in 2012 Entreprenuer Magazine Brilliant 100 include ParkMe, Society 6, MisoMedia, Mingly, Liquidel, Sandelista, Synn Labs, Quarterly Co. and Nimble whose CEO appeared on CLBR last  year.

Kevin Winston is the founder of Digital LA which brings together online entertainment, advertising, marketing, and tech professionals in Los Angeles and one of the organizers of the inaugural Silicon Beach Fest which concluded last weekend.  With an Ivy League pedigree, Kevin has worked with McKinsey, Sony, Fox Interactive, IGN Entertainment and MySpace.

Silicon Beach Fest featured a keynote from future Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.


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