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Federal Court Opens ADA Floodgates to Streaming Video Content

A Massachusetts federal judge has held that streaming video is subject to Americans with Disabilities Act in rejecting Neftlix motion to dismiss claim by National Association of Deaf that failing to close caption streaming video violates the ADA.

Santa Clara University law professor Eric Goldman has denounced the ruling in no uncertain terms in an Ars Technica post:

this is a bad ruling. Really terrible. It’s the kind of results-oriented judicial activism that undermines the public’s trust in the judiciary. The judge made it clear he was going to rule for the plaintiff, no matter what. But in doing so, he has potentially ripped open a huge hole in Internet law. Hey jobless recent law school grads—if this ruling sticks, there may be buckets of money to be made in ADA litigation against Internet companies.

On this Day


Mormon leader Joseph Smith and his brother, Hyrum, were killed by a mob in Carthage,  IL 


President Kennedy arrives in Ireland (on birthday of Irish Nationalist Charles Stewart Parnell).


Patrons at the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York City’s Greenwich Village, clashed with police in an incident considered to be the birth of the gay rights movement.



The video game company Atari was founded in Santa Clara, Calif.


President Carter reinstates draft registration following Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. 


 Yugoslavia invades Slovenia after it declares independence, retreating after only 10 days.  Conflict would soon begin with Croatia (1991), Bosnia (1992) and Kosovo (1998) before ending in 1999 killing over 100,000 during the decade.


Ross Perot turns 82.

Helen Keller (1880-1968)