CLBR #65 – Online Guns and Megaupload


SEGMENT 1:  David Kennedy – Gun Historian
Blog:  Liberal Gun Guy

SEGMENT 2:  David Snead

TRIBUTE:  Sally Ride

I recall Sally once talking about those brief moments before takeover after the cockpit was sealed and how she was not the least bit afraid because she worked with such a dedicated and talented team and everything step had been practiced many times that she had full confidence.  She then displayed her wit by saying,

“you know, now that you mention it I guess the fact that the ground crew drove [x] miles back to Mission Control after sealing the cockpit should have given me some pause.”

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  1. Form 4473
  2. New York City Online Gun Study (below)
  3. New York City: Gun Show Undercover 
  4. Tucson Victims Ad Demanding a Plan to End Gun Violence
  5. Luntz Poll of NRA/Gun Owners
  6. Mayors Against Illegal Guns
  7. John Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research
  8. David Snead:  Are you Hosting the next Megaupload from HostingCon 2012
  9. Sally Ride Wikipedia
  10. NYT Editorial on Sally Ride and Defense of Marriage Act
  11. BONUS:  That catchy MegaUpload video (below)