Cyber Harassment Courant: New HI, AZ Laws and 2011 Statistics

Arizona, Hawaii Pass Once Controversial Cyber Crime Measures

Hawaii and Arizona joined the growing list of states passing legislation to address cyber harassment, after initially triggering widespread controversy.  In Hawaii, there was a great backlash against a proposal that ISPs keep at least two years of browsing history for its customers which was abandoned while the state ultimately enacted measures enabling the state to subpoena records on the mainland and strengthening penalties computer fraud and cyber harassment.

In Arizona, the cyber harassment measure that initially  would criminalize anything that might “annoy” or “offend” someone was narrowed to electronic speech that is intended to terrify, threaten, intimidate, or harass.

WHOA Releases 2011 Cyber Stalking Statistics

WHOA (HALTABUSE.ORG) released its annual compilation of complaint statistics finding a slight drop off from 2010’s elevated figures.  The complaints indicate that it was mostly targeted at women  and usually escalated online but only in s handful cases did it involve off-line threats of harm.

WHOA was formed by Jayne Hitchcock whose next book True Crime Online is due out this fall.

More Information: CLBR Background Dossier on Rep. Kymberly Price (R-HI); WHOA Statistics.