Ted’s Tubes: The Fastest City in the West, gTLD Objections, TOS Grades and Politics and the Internet

The Fastest City in the West . . .
Google Fiber Launches in Kansas City Hoping to Catch Chattanooga For Fastest Internet Service

Chattanooga, Tennessee has emerged as the fastest city for internet in the US due to its investment in a ultra high-speed internet service at a speed of 1 Gigabit per second (five times faster than San Francisco).  The “Gig City” as it is being called has been drawing business because of its infrastructure and is has been called the next Austin after the Texas medium-sized tech center.

Benefits to Chattanooga in racing to the front of the pack with ultra-high speed internet having included a a significant boost to economic development (with new businesses locating there), millions in cost savings to local businesses (through increased productivity),  attracting top talent in the technology industry to live and work in Chattanooga, and according to one study a net benefit to the county of nearly $1.5 billion (or $3,500 per resident) plus the creation of about 3,716 jobs.

Google has now entered the competition and is in the beginning stage of rolling out Google Fiber in both Kansas City, MO and Kansas City, KS. at 1/5th the cost of the same service in The Gig City.

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Saudi Arabia Submits 163 Objections to new gTLDs

Over 6,000 objections have been filed to date during the comment period to ICANN’s expanded gTLDs.  Among those submitting objections is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia whose 163 objections ranged from gTLDs dealing with alcohol, gambling, sex, dating, homosexuality and even religion objecting to .catholic, .bible, .islam, .halal and others.  ICANN has extended the comment period through September 26.

More InfoSaudi royals seek ban on .virgin, .sex, .catholic, .wtf and 159 MORE, The Register.

TOS-DR Provides Overview of Major Site Terms of Service

A new website does what most Internet users rarely do and that is read website Terms of Service and rates the sites based on how onerous the terms may be. For example, TOS-DR rates Twit-Pic as poor because of clauses reducing the statute of limitation; transferring or sharing ownership in your work; venue in Delaware; requiring indemnification and Twitpic taking “credit for your content.”

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Parties Consider “Internet Freedom” Planks in Platform

With the Republican and Democratic conventions approaching, the platform committees each are considering provisions on Internet Freedom.  Secretary of State Clinton has previously launched a Global Internet Freedom initiative nation states suppressing online speech.   The term Internet Freedom has become popular of late but it appears to each party it means the internet policies each currently are advocating.

Tech President Releases Timeline of Politics and the Internet

The timeline covers everything from the first campaign blog to Washington State’s Facebook voter registration app.