CLBR Segment 2: China Syndrome



Bennet has just returned from a 3-city tour as part of the U.S. delegation to the 17th US-China Legal Exchange.  The Exchange is sponsored by the US Department of Commerce and PRC Ministry of Commerce and this year focused on e-commerce issues over three sessions in Harbin, Beijing and Guiyang.  The delegation was led by the Department of Commerce’s General Counsel, CAmeron Kerry and included representatives from the USPTO and FTC in addition to private sector participants.




While the presentations focused on U.S. law, the trip offered insights on China as well.


Despite Great Firewall, There is Robust Debate on Social Media

From what I heard in China, nobody is a fan of censorship but the government can only catch so much.  What is left alone still represents a greater level of debate than ever before in Chinese history.


China to Surpass US as E-Commerce Market

According to  Interactive Media in Retail Group:

The United States remains the world’s single biggest e-commerce market, IMRG says, followed by the United Kingdom and Japan. IMRG estimates that growth rates in those countries will be approximately 10-15% a year.  But with China’s e-commerce sales growing more than 130% in 2011, it is only a matter of time before the Asian giant becomes the single largest market in the world.

Global e-commerce sales will top $1.25 trillion by 2013,, Internet Retailer


The Education Gap