CLBR Segment 1: David Strom on the Gig City

SEGMENT 1: David Strom on the Gig City

David Strom is a Writer at ReadWriteWeb. He has held editorial management positions for numerous print and Web publications and was the founding editor-in-chief for Network Computing magazine and He has more than 30 years of IT and tech journalism experience and has written two books on computer networking. He lives in St. Louis and is married with three children. He can be reached at

Strom wrote How Chattanooga Transformed Itself into America’s First Gig City for ReadWrite Web.


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$111.5M  Federal stimulus funds

$169M Bonds

SIDE NOTE:  The Role Government Plays in Innovation


At the moment, it is faster for a university researcher in California generating a terabyte of data to fly to London to deliver it to a professor in person than transferring it over the Internet. Banyan’s application enables users to send and share terabytes of data in minutes, quickly track file authorship, merge and collaborate on research and build research teams.

Craig Settles


Hats off to folks like the people in Chattanooga who are pushing for it while the national leadership doesn’t push hard enough for making this a reality.

Former FCC Commissioner Michael Copps

Our fiber network is like having the first city that discovered fire,” says Littlefield. The city is just beginning to see lots of new apps on its network and is still discovering new uses for the universal connectivity. 

Chattanooga Mayor Ron Littlefield

“Chattanooga is what the Internet will look like in 10 years. We’re 10 times faster 10 years sooner than the goals established in the National Broadband Plan.” 

Harold DePriest, President – EPB.




Chattanooga’s speed is 5 times faster than San Francisco.  In fact, its 1 Gig speed is equivalent to the combined speeds of  Berlin, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Toronto and Washington.

$350 and $70

Price of Chattanooga high speed service and Google Fiber’s service to be offered in Kansas City.


Net benefit to county residents from jobs and increased economic activity caused by the Gig ($1.5 billion total) which has created approximately 3,716 jobs.