CLBR Segment 2: Seeing Your Online Store From the Inside

Hadar Paz is the North America Chief Executive Officer of inside™, the world’s first Real-Time Online Customer Management Solution that changes everything. For the first time, retailers can view their online store or website LIVE in 3D; track customers’ behavior and interact when it matters the most!


  • Gain critical insight into your online business with insideTM, a groundbreaking service that lifts the lid on your web traffic, giving you live interaction with your customers and allowing you to act in REAL TIME – via a user-super-friendly interface that you can understand in minutes.
  • inside is a must-have weapon for increasing online conversion (up to 10 times higher!) and generating high quality leads instantly, without great expense. This innovative, world-first service is suitable for any type of website or online store, regardless of size or platform.

Online conversion is currently languishing at an average of 1 per cent, compared to the bricks-and-mortar average of 20 per cent.  INSIDE is the ultimate conversion solution, designed to can close this gap and get more customers through the checkout. Powerfront CEO for North America Hadar Paz said INSIDE had the power to harness untapped business opportunities by giving retailers an intimate understanding of their website traffic and customers, putting them in the driving seat to capture more sales.

We can, for the first time, enable retailers to see exactly what is happening inside their online store. They also have the tools to entice customers to make a purchase, right when they are a captive audience and primed to buy, just like in a regular store.


Think about the power that this gives a retailer.  It taps into old fashioned principles of customer service that have been lacking from online retailing.  Imagine seeing a customer who has searched for the same product three times during a visit to your online store.  With INSIDE, you will get a real time alert about this situation, and will be able to offer assistance to help the customer find the product – just like you would do in a bricks-and-mortar store.

In addition to assistance, you can also provide real time incentives.  For example, INSIDE will alert you that a specific customer has an item in their shopping basket and is not checking out in the expected amount of time.  You can approach the customer and offer a gift with purchase, conditional on them checking out in the next 15 minutes.”

As the online cost of acquisition grows, businesses are demanding innovative ways to convert more visitors into sales and leads.  INSIDE delivers and can be integrated into any website, regardless of size, much like analytics programs on the market, such as Google Analytics.

So how does it work?  Site operators see their visitors represented as avatars, who are color-coded according to their status as either a Start Customer, Returning Customer, or Logged In Customer.   Actions are demonstrated with icons, such as cart, coupons and chat bubbles, and the operator can use various tools to engage with the customer.  They can initiate a “chat” or “give” a time-limited coupon that encourages fast check-out. This is particularly useful for converting first-time visitors, and avoiding a missed sales opportunity.  Retailers can utilize their in-store workforce to serve online customers during quiet times, while cheap, work-from-home and offshore labor can be employed to maximize online interaction.  The system has undergone vigorous testing by retailers, who are astonished by its capabilities.

“The feedback we have had from clients who have tested INSIDE has been phenomenal,” Mr Paz said.  “They are tremendously excited by INSIDE’s potential and we can’t wait to roll the system out more broadly.”


Hadar started his career as an analyst programmer working on large scale databases in the Army’s Human Resource. Later, he joined the commercial world as a CTO of a chain retailer. Ever since then, Hadar fell in love with the world of retail.

His passion for retail landed him a job as an executive position at CSC, managing multiple multi-million dollar projects. In 2000, Hadar was appointed as the Chief Technology Officer of Kusp Limited, a public company where he tapped into the power of visualization technology for online product in eCommerce.

In 2004, Hadar co-founded Powerfront, Australia’s leading eCommerce platform and digital agency. Together with his two trustworthy co-partners and backed by a solid international team, Hadar has delivered over 350 state-of-the-art projects to major international companies with the likes of UNICEF, Toys”R”Us, Nike, Guess, French Connection, Nine West and more – helping every client attained great success by capitalizing on the cutting-edge technology.

In the early 2012, Hadar led the expansion to the US market with a group of some of the best developers in the world and have developed a game changer for the online medium that allows every company to dramatically increase their online conversion and lead generation.

Hadar is an inspiring leader with a bundle of energy and creativity. His work reflects originality and the passion to bring the future technology, today.