Ted’s Tubes: Gangnam Broadband, Google Fiber and Virginity

Is Gangnam Style the Trophy for Korean Broadband Policy?

With broadband speeds more than double that of the US and even a third-more than 2nd ranked Japan, South Korea has boasted the fastest internet for several years running.

Now it appears that this year’s viral smash hit, Gangnam Style may be a product of Korean broadband policy.  As NPR explains:

Korea is one of the most wired countries in the world. So early on in their development, record labels had to get good at YouTube. And they kind of perfected it. YouTube videos by Korean record labels were so good, they got tons of views overseas. And that’s how the record labels knew where to tour their acts. They knew their customers wanted them before they even got there.

Google Fiber Goes Live in Kansas City

While the latest Akamai State of the Internet Report for Q2-2012 shows the US ninth in average broadband speed at 6.6 MbPS compared to 14.2 for South Korea and 10.7 for Japan, Kansas City has joined Chattanooga as the nation’s only other Gig City through Google Fiber’s 1 GbPS network.  Initial reported speeds for the network are at 700 MbPS.  The launch of Google Fiber plus housing incentives for entrepreneurs through a program called “Homes for Hackers” and a lower cost of living then tech communities on both coasts could create a Silicon Heartland for “the Paris of the Plains.”

Photo: (cc) Dillard421.

Brazilian College Student Sells Virginity Online for $780,000 as part of Documentary

An Australian documentary filmmaker has sold the virginity of a 20-year old Brazilian girl and a 21-year old Russian boy for $780,000 and $3,000 respectively.  The pair also will become Mile Hile Club members since the deal wil be consummated in air to avoid being subject to any jurisdiction’s prostitute laws – or so they think.  The auction has sparked an outcry among opponents of sex trafficking.  Brazil’s attorney general has expressed extreme displeasure over the incident and has denied the filmmaker’s request for a visa to Brazil and may seek sex trafficking charges against him.

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