CLBR #81: Year in Review with Kashmir Hill and Marc Randazza v the PRC



CLBR’s year-end countdown begins with a special edition featuring the return of one of the internet’s top journalist along with one of its top newsmakers this Wednesday at 10AM PT/ 1 PM ET on

Forbes’ “The Not-So Private Parts” Blogger Kashmir Hill returns to CLBR to talk about the top Cyber stories and Cyber Person of the Year.  One of the internet’s most influential bloggers, Hill describes herself as a

a privacy pragmatist, writing about the intersection of law, technology, social media and our personal information.

glosta kid

Marc Randazza is no stranger to headlines.  The Gloucester, Massachusetts native heads the Las Vegas-based Randazza Legal Group. where he has “gained notoriety . . .  for handling high-profile free speech cases” that includes being one of the lead lawyers in bringing down copyright troll Righthaven;  and successfully defending the satire site from Beck’s WIPO challenge.

Randazza returns to CLBR to talk about his latest case in which he is taking on an even bigger opponent – actress Zhang Ziyi  (and the Chinese Government) in her defamation case against Boxun blogger Watson Meng (who appeared on CLBR on October 3rd) – who CLBR has dubbed “China’s Public Frenemy #1”.

From Business Insider

Meet The Man Revealing The Huge Scandals That The Chinese Government Doesn’t Want You To Know

The site has long been one of the must-read overseas sites for the Chinese, but the frequently accurate information it has broken about the Bo Xilai case (most notably the stripping of party rank on April 10) has given it new-found attention. One Beijing-based expert told the WSJ yesterday that “all the high-level officials read” Boxun, and the sites traffic has jumped 160% over the last three months.

That attention may not all be good. The site has been hit by numerous hacking attacks in recent years, including one last week that forced the site to change webhosts. The former webhost told the AP that the DDOS attack was the biggest they had ever seen.

CLBR will end the year with broadcasts on December 12th and 19th.  Details TBA.