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west l.a.’s swelling tech scene has made it an alluring home base for new startups


But things began to change a few years ago. Bob Foster (’65, 100 Inspirational Alumni), who teaches High Technology Management at UCLA Anderson, explains that smart phones and tablet computers were partly responsible for changing the tide. “There is a clear shift in displaying content on smaller screens,” he says. “Hollywood is the place where that content is created. It isn’t in Silicon Valley.” It makes sense for app-creators to cozy up to the source of their content.

. . . Don’t underestimate the role that the beach played in the decision. According to Bob Foster, the ocean is a big draw for hardworking entrepreneurs. “We have beaches and smart young people that enjoy surfing and the funky Santa Monica atmosphere,” he explains. The money has followed entrepreneurs to the water. According to Foster, nearly 12 percent of the country’s second quarter investments were sent down to Los Angeles and San Diego counties. With this impressive gesture of support, L.A.-grown tech talent gained another very compelling reason to lay down a towel at Silicon Beach