CLBR #96: Cap Hill Start Up Day and Baseball in Black, White & Gray

CLBR is celebrating Opening Day Week with a special American Pastime edition.

Segment 1: Michael McGeary/

Segment 1 features conflicted Red Sox and Giants Fan Michael McGeary from to discuss their second annual Start Up Day on Capitol Hill.  The San Francisco based Engine is working to get Start Ups active in the policy debate.

We applaud for their taking on and success with this important initiative.

647329857Segment 2: Duncan Putney and the Remarkable Barehanded Champions

Actor/Screenwriter Duncan Putney talks about his “Barehanded Champions” project which tells of about a team that had the first African American player, the first Latino player, and the first Californian to play in the major leagues plus a center fielder who was partially deaf and is the reason umpires started using hand signals. The remarkable team, led by a pitcher who won 59 games, won the first World Series with a sweep of the New York Mets.  This team is not the Dodgers, Pirates or Red Sox but the Providence Grays.

Today in History

  • The Fall of Richmond
  • MLK delivers his prophetic “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” speech the night before his assassination
  • Birthdays for Jane Goodall, Helmut Kohl, Eddie Murphy and America’s greatest actor.