CLBR #99 – Data Caps and Net Neutrality with Michael Weinberg and Legislative Update

CLBR Episode #99 features

  • news updates on CISPA, the Marketplace Fairness Act and state/federal privacy legislation;
  • a discussion with Michael Weinberg, Public Knowledge’s Vice President, the Institute for Emerging Innovation on Data Caps and the Obama administration’s nominee for FCC Chairman; and
  • as always starts with the Day in History.

Data Caps with Michael Weinberg
Air Date: May 1, 2013

Non-profit Washington, D.C.-based public interest group Public Knowledge is calling on all ISPs who use data caps to suspend them until an outside auditor cnn certify that their data usage meters are accurate. ISPs have no business imposing data caps on consumers without the ability to accurately determine how much data consumers are actually using. We get an explanation with Michael Weinberg, Vice President at Public Knowledge.

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An eventful 99th broadcast, even without the balloons.