Today CLBR #105: Mid Year Heroes and Zeroes Plus Kickstarting a New York Heartbeat

Jon us at 10AM PT, 1 PM ET for our 105th installment of Cyber Law and Business Report.

pizap.com13734599089111Segment 1 will feature return guests Brenda Christensen, Dir. of Communication, Contatta  and acclaimed writer Dan Tynan to discuss the top stories of the first half of the year and select heroes and zeroes for the year to date.

In Segment 2 we revisit Kickstarter for a completed major indie production that is seeking to raise money for distribution of the film.  Laura Davis joins us to talk about “A New York Heartbeat” with Rachel Brosnahan from House of Cards and Eric Roberts

Today in history features the US Womens Soccer Team winning the 1999 World Cup on Brandi Chastain’s penalty kick, with the iconic sports bra picture following shortly thereafter.