NSA Review Committee Seeks Public Comment on Surveillance

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Review Group on Global Signals Intelligence Collection and Communications Technologies Seeks Public Comment

September 4, 2013

On August 12, 2013 President Obama directed the establishment of the Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies.  While the Review Group is administratively housed at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), it is conducting an independent review and will report to the President through the DNI.

President Obama met with the members of the Review Group on August 27, Richard Clarke, Michael Morell, Geoffrey Stone, Cass Sunstein and Peter Swire. The President thanked the Members of the Group for taking on this important task and looks forward to hearing from them as their work proceeds.

Seeking Public Comment

The Review Group is seeking public comments on all matters that the President has directed it to examine, namely, how in light of advancements in communications technologies, the United States can employ its technical collection capabilities in a manner that optimally protects our national security and advances our foreign policy while respecting our commitment to privacy and civil liberties, recognizing our need to maintain the public trust, and reducing the risk of unauthorized disclosure.

Comments can be provided via reviewgroup@dni.gov. The deadline for public submissions is October 4, 2013.

The comments you provide to the Review Group will be used to inform the group’s deliberations.

Review Group Privacy and Comment Policy

Your comments will become part of the official record of the Review Group’s activity and will be retained consistent with applicable policy and legal requirements. At this time, the Review Group is receiving comments only, and will not be responding to submitters.  However, the Review Group may determine it appropriate to the public debate to post your comments publicly. Accordingly, any personal information you provide in the comments, or in an address or signature block, may be disclosed.  Providing a comment is voluntary, and implies your consent to publication of the comment and any personal information contained in it.

Should the Review Group post comments, it will review all comments prior to posting and will not post comments that contain vulgar or abusive language; personal attacks of any kind; offensive terms that target specific groups; spam or comments that are clearly “off topic”;  commercial promotions; information that promotes or opposes any political party, person campaigning for elected office, or any ballot proposition; reports of criminal or suspicious activity – if you have information for law enforcement, please contact your local police agency; unsolicited proposals, or other business ideas or inquiries; solicitations for contracting or commercial business; or any claims, demands, informal or formal complaints, or any other form of legal and/or administrative notices or processes.



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