Political Insider Named to Fill FTC Vacancy

The White House has nominated Terrell McSweeny, Former Domestic Policy Advisor to the Vice President, for the FTC vacancy left by the departure of FTC Chairman Leibowitz.
McSweeny’s White House bio is below and leans more heavily towards the antitrust side of FTC jurisdiction than the consumer protection side.  In addition, some have commented that she brings a political background that the other Obama nominated Commissioners lack which may make the institution more politically savvy.

Terrell McSweeny has advised three Presidential candidates on domestic policy and related matters. In 2008, she worked for Vice President Biden in various capacities, travelling with him as his Issues Director during the general election campaign and serving as his Deputy Chief of Staff and Policy Director in the U.S. Senate — where she managed domestic and economic policy development and legislative initiatives — as well as his principal domestic policy advisor during his own Presidential campaign.

In 2004, McSweeny served as the Deputy Policy Director for the Wes Clark for President campaign in Little Rock, Arkansas; earlier, in 2000, she worked in the Gore for President campaign in Nashville, Tennessee. Her government service includes her work as Counsel to Senator Biden, where she worked on Judiciary Committee issues such as women’s rights, domestic violence, intellectual property, judicial nominations, immigration and civil rights. In addition to her policy work in Presidential campaigns, McSweeny was also an attorney at O’Melveny & Myers LLP.

McSweeny is a graduate of Harvard University and Georgetown University Law School.

While we may be biased, we believe the nominee’s superior education bodes well for her future success.