California Bans Ticket Buying Bots

New Cal Law Protects Fan From Abusive Resellers

A bill designed to protect consumer rights by outlawing robotic ticket-buying software programs used by ticket resellers that jump to the front of a ticket buying line and create instant sellouts of entertainment events before the average consumer has a chance is now law in California.

eBay, Inc. and StubHub supported the measure since it protected a “fan’s ability toaccess tickets to their favorite events in a safe, reliable and consumer friendly environment that protects against fraud and abuse”.

California joins a number of states including Tennessee, Michigan, New Jersey, New York,Connecticut, and Minnesota who have waded into the debate and considered or passed legislation imposing bans on “bots” and establishing stiff penalties to those who use these systems.



Cover photo Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 by Rich Niewiroski.