President Obama Conducts Big Data Review; NJ Big Data Consent Decree and BBB Enforcement

White House Enlists John Podesta to Conduct Review of Big Data

Former Chief of Staff to President Clinton, John Podesta, has been enlisted by President Obama to work with Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker, Energy Secretary Ernie Moniz, the President’s Science Advisor John Holdren, the President’s Economic Advisor Gene Sperling and other senior government officials to

lead a comprehensive review of the way that “big data” will affect the way we live and work; the relationship between government and citizens; and how public and private sectors can spur innovation and maximize the opportunities and free flow of this information while minimizing the risks to privacy.

When we complete our work, we expect to deliver to the President a report that anticipates future technological trends and frames the key questions that the collection, availability, and use of “big data” raise – both for our government, and the nation as a whole. It will help identify technological changes to watch, whether those technological changes are addressed by the U.S.’s current policy framework and highlight where further government action, funding, research and consideration may be required.  

One person who may have input in this process is Future of Privacy Forum Director Jules Polonetsky, CIPP/US, and and he recently appeared on PBS Newshour to discuss the future of privacy in a Big Data world.

New Jersey Attorney General Enters Big Data Consent Decree;

Datalum, a Tennessee-based data aggregation and analytics company has agreed to pay $400,000 to settle New Jersey enforcement action claims that the company engaged in “history sniffing’’ to track the websites consumers visited without their knowledge or consent. The state also claimed that Dataium LLC of Nashville, Tenn., sold 400,000 consumers’ personal identifying information to a third-party data analytics company for $2,500 without notifying those consumers or obtaining their consent.

BBB/DMA Issue Warning on Compliance With Online Behavioral Advertising Principles

The BBB which monitors compliance with the Online Behavioral Advertising Principles, is warning the industry that they need to do a better job in terms of disclosing not just their own behavioral targeting practices but of that of third parties that collect information on the site.