Sony Pictures hack was a long time coming, say former employees


We still don’t know exactly how Sony Pictures got hacked or who did the hacking. But we do know that the security protections the company had in place were a bigger flop than Sex Tape. Intruders got access to movie budgets, salary information, Social Security numbers, health care files, unreleased films, and more. To rub in the pwnage, the hackers posted a file called “Passwords” in a new info dump Wednesday.

The new trove appears to include a collection of documents the hackers came across on the Sony Pictures network that had “password” in their titles, and includes digital keys for everything from Sony computers and servers to magazine subscriptions and YouTube accounts for Sony movies. (As much as we’d like to log into This is the End’s YouTube page, we haven’t actually tried any of these passwords to see if they work.) It is generally a bad idea to…

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