It’s on! FCC plans strong net neutrality for mobile and broadband


The Federal Communications Commission plans to reclassify broadband internet providers so they can’t favor some websites over others, which is the outcome that has been urged by net neutrality advocates, and which would amount to a victory for the open internet.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has yet to release a formal copy of the new rules, which must be circulated to other Commissioners three weeks before a scheduled vote on February 26, but the details have been leaked to the Wall Street Journal. They include a call for so-called Title II reclassification, which would mean a ban on internet “fast lanes”:

A key element of the rule would be a ban on broadband providers blocking, slowing down or speeding up specific websites in exchange for payment, a practice known as paid prioritization, these people say.

Wheeler’s plan to reclassify internet providers is likely to upset ISPs like Verizon, which do not want to be…

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