The Internet Applied To Things And The Third Industrial Revolution


Editor’s Note:John B. Rogers is chief executive and co-founder of Local Motors, which designs, builds and sells vehicles through the use of co-creation and microfactories in Chandler, Ariz., Knoxville, Tenn., and Las Vegas.

There’s a new vanguard creating the future of the U.S. manufacturing economy.

Companies like MakerBot, TechShop and Kickstarter are playing a large part in fixing the breakdown between historical industrialized employment and manufacturing models, which people still depend on for work, and the more flat and networked world in which we now live.

Part of this interrogation into the industrial manufacturers of tomorrow needs to involve looking at assumptions about financing and the actual mechanics of manufacturing. Fundamental assumptions need to be reformatted in a new way to win.

At my company, Local Motors, we have a saying: If you want to make local big, you have to make big local. If we bring manufacturing of big hardware (home appliances…

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