RipOffReport Files Civil Rights Action Against Sac County Prosecutor in Desperate Move

RipOffReport Files Civil Rights Action Against Sac County Prosecutor

Desperate Move to Prevent Indictment of Founder Ed Magedson

ROR Founder Ed Magedson, the infamous smear site that has been called “mechanized defamation” and compared to “social waterboarding,” has filed a civil rights action against an Iowa county prosecutor in what appears to be a desperate attempt to prevent the indictment of its founder Ed Magedson.

As reported previously, Sac County Iowa prosecutor Ben Smith has been conducting a major investigation into’s potential acts of witness/juror tampering and extortion in connection with a sensational criminal trial of the ex-wife of Michael Roberts, a sworn enemy of

Meade Indictment

Last year, Smith indicted RipOffReport operative Darren Meade who took the lead in the intimidation campaign and has continued the investigation into RipOffReport and its .

As alleged in court filings:

The evidence shows  DARREN MEADE was/ is an agent of  RIPOFF REPORT / ED  MAGEDSON.  ED MAGEDSON  has paid DARREN MEADE over one hundred thousand dollars (either directly or indirectly) to createthe content published in the RIPOFF REPORT  complaints about the State’s witnesses, all in effort to “help”  TRACEY RICHTER  and  ANNA RICHTER.
Since December 2012, ED MAGEDSON  /  RIPOFF REPORT,  from  just  one of ED  MAGEDSON’s /  RIPOFF REPORT’ bank accounts, has paid DARREN MEADE over $80,000.00 either directly or indirectly. Evidence demonstrates that DARREN MEADE received additional compensation from ED MAGEDSON  /  RIPOFF REPORT from other sources in this same timeframe. Additionally,phone records show that from April 2012 and December 2013, DARREN MEADE’s mobile phone called ED MAGEDSON’s mobile phone 336 times for a total of 50 hours, and sent ED MAGEDSON’s mobile phone 854 text messages. In this same timeframe, ED MAGEDSON’s mobile phone called DARREN MEADE’s  mobile phone 1503 times for a total of 279 hours, and sent DARREN MEADE’s mobile phone 954 text messages.

Targeting Opposing Lawyers

RipOffReport had not only targeted witnesses involved in the case but also Smith himself, whose negative profile was featured on every page.  RipOffReport has a history of going after opposing lawyers, including this firm. Darren Meade testified that Magedson instructed him to “discredit Bennet Kelley and continually write rebuttals [to ROR entries] to keep it listed high in Google.”

A Desperate Move?

Presumably fearing indictment was imminent, RipOffReport filed an unsuccessful motion to disqualify Smith and has now filed an action in Iowa federal court claiming Smith’s prosecution somehow violates their constitutional rights.
The complaint is below.