T-Mobile And Mozilla Are Preparing To Launch A New ‘Privacy Phone’


In a bid for more traction in the ever-saturated mobile market, Deutsche Telekom, the German parent of T-Mobile, and Mozilla are taking a step forward together. The two have developed a new “privacy phone”, built on Mozilla’s Firefox OS and compliant with privacy directives set by the two companies. The device is due to be formally unveiled next week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The news of the “privacy phone” was buried in a bigger article published today in the WSJ about data protection issues in Europe: specifically, regulators in Germany are cracking down on big tech companies as they try to enforce stricter policies around privacy, and consumers are also demanding more secure services.

We’re reaching out both to Deutsche Telekom and Mozilla for more information about the phone. The WSJ story describes the partnership as a joint venture — implying co-investment from both. It also notes that the phones will have…

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