CLBR #175: Joe McGovern on Talking with The Other Side

CLBR #175:  Joe McGovern on Talking with The Other Side

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Consider the following:

  • In the first few weeks of the new Republican Congress there have been sharp confrontations between the Congress and the White House over a variety of matters including the visit of Prime Minister Netanyahu, negotiations with Iran and Net Neutrality.
  • For the first time since Gallop has been recording data, approval for both parties has fallen below 40 percent.
  • Approval of Congress is only 18 percent.

The divide is not only getting worse but it may be having a corrosive effect on our democratic institutions.

Enter Joe McGovern who has left the comforts of his home in Venice Beach, California and  traveled across the country seeking out Republicans to try to bridge the partisan divide as part of his documentary – The Other Side.  He currently is raising money on GoFundMe to finish and distribute the end result of 82 interviews..

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Shout Out

The fraternity at the center of the Oklahoma University racism scandal is also prominently featured in “The Hunting Ground”, a documentary about college rape now in theaters where campus after campus repeats SAE’s nickname – “Sexual Assault Expected.”  Its a compelling documentary.

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