Russians Implicated In Hack On White House After Obama Makes Cybersecurity Push


The same Russian hackers who breached the State Department system for months also gained access to an unclassifed White House computer system, according to a report from CNN.

Although the system did not contain classified information, the Russians reportedly had access to the president’s private schedule. The connected cyberattack on the State Department in recent months has been characterized as the “worst ever” hack on a federal agency.

The White House is no stranger to attacks from foreign spies. The Chinese have been implicated in severalhighprofile attacks of White House unclassified systems and employee emails.

News of the breach comes as government officials are becoming increasingly concerned about cyber threats from Russia. FBI director James Clapper told a Senate committee in February, “The Russian cyber threat is more severe than we have previously assessed.”

The Russian breach on the White House comes as the Obama administration pursues an aggressive cybersecurity agenda. In the…

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