Monica Lewinsky and Jon Ronson on the “renaissance of public shaming”

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Journalist Jon Ronson asks Monica Lewinsky an interesting question in this video: why did she decide to start a Twitter account? For most people, this wouldn’t be a big deal. But for Lewinsky, signing up for Twitter — or doing anything public for that matter — is a bold move.

“It was another step in taking back my narrative,” says Lewinsky in this conversation posted on last week. “I also felt that by not being on social media, it created a distance.”

“It’s been a wonderful experience,” she continues. “But it’s also been challenging. I think most of my friends would tell you that my humor is not on display on my Twitter feed. I haven’t quite felt comfortable yet to fully be myself.”

Lewinsky’s TED Talk, “The price of shame,” came out on March 20. A week and a half later, Jon Ronson — who gave…

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