Watch The Very First YouTube Video, Uploaded 10 Years Ago Today


(YouTube) (YouTube) It might be hard to remember a time when getting one’s mug on the Internet involved more than just point, shoot and upload, but it was only 10 years ago that we came stumbling out of the Dark Ages and into the light of web videos for all, where we promptly posted whatever the heck we wanted to YouTube for strangers to watch. To that end: The first video ever uploaded, 10 years ago today, features thrilling commentary on the nature of elephants.

On April 23, 2005, YouTube cofounder Jawed Karim uploaded an 18-second video clip titled “Me at the zoo,” making it the site’s first video. It now has more than 19 million views which is respectable, to be sure, but it’s no “Gangnam Style,” which clocks in at more than 2.3 billion views.

According to, it was shot at the San Diego Zoo…

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