Senate Bill 444 – Now With Video!

In 2013, Nevada enacted one of the best anti-SLAPP laws in the nation. Inexplicably, it is now attempting to dismantle it with SB 444, but not without a fight from a key architect of the bill – Marc Randazza (the pride of Gloucester).

The Legal Satyricon

In Nevada, Senate Bill 444 stands to repeal all the effectiveness of the Nevada Anti-SLAPP Law.

If you’ve read this blog at all in the past two weeks, you know that I have been a small part of the chorus of voices that rose up against this ignoble and unethical bill.

Last Friday, I testified at the Assembly Judiciary Committee hearing on the bill in Carson City. I’m happy to report that, if the mood in the room is any indication, that the Assembly members are siding with the Constitution, Freedom of Expression, Economic Development, and Liberty.

My Testimony

And this is the guy pushing to gut Nevada’s Anti-SLAPP law.

How you can help stop SB444.

1. Go to this page.

2. Enter “SB444” without any spaces or use the drop down menu and scroll aa.

3. Click the “Get Bill Information” button.

Make sure you comment on SB444 (not AB) and choose the April 14 version from the drop down menu. Make sure you comment on SB444…

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