Business Insider Lists Hot LA, SF and NY Startups

Business Insider Lists Hot  LA, SF and NY Startups

Business Insider recently published its list of Hot Startups in Silicon Beach (LA), Silicon Valley (SF) and Silicon Alley (New York).  I was glad to see that the list include Tapiture whose CEO John Ellis is a former colleague of mine from ValueClick.

Among the Startups were:

Acorns – Newport Beach

When you download Acorns, you link up your credit or debit card to the app. Every time you use your card to make a purchase, Acorns rounds the amount up to the next dollar and invests the change from that purchase into a diversified portfolio of index funds.

Burner – Los Angeles

 You can’t put a price on privacy, so Burner didn’t. Created by Ad Hoc Labs, Burner is a free app that allows you to create temporary phone numbers, which you can use as long as you want, and then dispose of them when you no longer want to be contacted on them.

CaseText – Palo Alto

Casetext‘s mission to let anyone read the full text of any legal case in a way that is both understandable and free. Casetext’s website lets you search using keywords or citations.

ClassPass – New York

Instead of paying an average $30 per class at a fancy fitness studio, Classpass lets you pay only $99 a month to take an unlimited number of classes at boutique fitness studios for only $99 bucks a month (you just can’t visit the same studio more than 3 times in a month). The company has quickly amassed a core group of dedicated users that continues to grow, and has completely the traditional gym pricing structure.

Electric Objects – New York

Electric Objects‘ goal is to bring that internet art into your home. The company was founded by former Betaworks employee Jake Levine, who helped orchestrate Digg’s reinvention. Electric Objects secured $1.7 million in seed funding back in April then proceeded to raise an additional $800,000 on Kickstarter this August, blowing their initial Kickstarter goal of $25,000 out of the water.

Fundera – New York

Instead of applying/getting rejected for small business loans countless times then waiting months for cash, Fundera provides a common app for small business loans. The service pre-approves the loan in seconds and quickly matches the small business with potential lenders. Co-founded by former GroupMe founder, Jared Hecht, Fundera raised over $3.4 million in funding itself earlier this year.

GoodRx- Santa Monica

Founded in 2011, GoodRx is an online prescription drug price-comparison tool. It lets you type in the name of the drug you were prescribed, enter your area code, and compare the cost of the same prescription across the closest pharmacies.

Luxe Valet – San Francisco

Luxe Valet is an app that promises to help you with the annoying task of parking in cities. It works similar to other on-demand mobile apps: before you leave your house, you plug in the address of your destination. The app tracks you as you make your way there, and about 10 minutes before you arrive it matches you with a Luxe valet attendant.

Tapiture – Los Angeles

tap3When you make an account, you tell Tapiture what you’re interested in — it provides you with categories like “animals,” “beautiful women,” “music,” and more — and then you’re shown a collection of pictures that suit you. Some of the pictures have purchase links that let you buy them over on the e-commerce side of Tapiture’s website, too.