Here’s how Facebook is trying to eradicate bias in Silicon Valley


Progress is hard — just ask Facebook.

Over the past year, the company has made little headway in diversifying its ranks, revealing last month in its latest diversity numbers that just 32 percent of employees are women, four percent are Hispanic and two percent are black. But Facebook insists that it’s trying. To that end, the company published videos of its own internal anti-bias training course today, hoping that other companies might take a cue.

With pressure on Silicon Valley to diversify beyond its largely male, white and Asian masses, bias training is in vogue. Google has poured money and resources into researching and developing programs to combat the unconscious bias lurking on its own campuses. And a host of startups like Textio and Paradigm have cropped up over the past year, promising to turn bias at tech companies into a venture-backed gold mine.

Silicon Valley companies seem to have realized that attracting diverse talent…

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