Leaked NSA Documents: AT&T “Highly Collaborative” With NSA Spying, Has “Extreme Willingness” To Help


(Mike Mozart) (Mike Mozart)

The NSA’s spying operations on regular Americans are the unwanted, terrible gift that just keeps on giving. Although most telecom and internet companies have cooperated with the surveillance efforts to one degree or another, at least some of them have the decency to act mildly chagrined about it. But not AT&T.

The New York Times and Pro Publica have jointly reported on newly confirmed findings from leaked NSA documents. While the NSA’s bulk, wide-reaching phone data collection program has gained the most notoriety and pushback, it’s not just phone data that big telecom companies are collecting. It’s internet traffic, too.

AT&T has been generally unrepentant in the past about how it handles law enforcement requests for consumers’ data. And perhaps the reason the inheritor of Ma Bell didn’t want to talk about its work with the NSA is because it likes that work a little too…

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