Websites Fight Back Over Ad Blocking

Websites Fight Back Over Ad Blocking

The online advertising industry is growing increasingly concerned over the growth in the usage of ad blocking software.  This is especially true in light of the findings from the 2015 DCN Consumer Ad Block Report and the Page Faire – Adobe 2015 Ad Blocking Report

Ad Blocking by the Numbers

Among the report findings are:


Percentage of U.S. consumers who are very likely or somewhat likely to try ad blocking software in the next three months.

41 and 48

Percent growth of ad blocking software globally and in the United States respectively.


Billions of advertising dollars lost due to ad blocking worldwide in 2015.

41.4 and 20.3

Projected revenue losses in billions from ad blocking in 2016 globally and in the United States.

Content Providers Fighting Back

Conde Naste, Yahoo!, and Forbes are some of the more prominent content providers to fight back against ad blockers by flagging such users and asking that they turn off their ad blockers.

In the case of German newspaper Bild, more than two-thirds of its users elected to turn off their ad-blocking software are receiving such a message.

More Information: Chris Morran, GQ Website Gives Ultimatum To Readers: Disable Ad-Blockers Or Pay Up , Consumerist (Dec. 28, 2015); Matthew Ingram,Is Blocking Readers Who Use Ad Blockers The Best Strategy? Fortune (Dec. 22, 2015).