ILC Featured in Guardian Cyber Exploitation Article

The Internet Law Center was featured in an article by Dan Tynan in The Guardian on Cyber Exploitation (more commonly referred to as “revenge porn”).

The article quoted Bennet Kelley as follows:

Is this even legal? It depends. At present, 27 US states and the District of Columbia have laws barring nonconsensual (ie, revenge) porn, but penalties vary and prosecutions are rare. One problem is that most law enforcement agencies are ill-equipped to handle crimes of cyber exploitation, says attorney Bennet Kelley, founder of the Internet Law Center.

“I have had clients tell me the cops confessed to them they don’t do this cyber stuff,” he says. “Another barrier to prosecution is the ‘blame the victim’ mentality, which is still fairly prevalent.”

The article also featured Rebekah Wells, a courageous revenge porn victims advocate who appeared on Cyber Law and Business Report in 2013.  Read the full article here.

Over the years, the Internet Law Center has helped many victims of revenge porn both in and out of court.  Thank you to Dan Tynan for including us.