Guns, Roses and Memes

As Fortune’s Daniel Bukszpan explains, a 2010 photograph of Guns N’ Roses front man Axl Rose in concert in Winnipeg, which is not the most flattering shot of the aging rocker,

hit the Internet and went viral, and became the subject of cruel mockery on social media.

Rose exacerbated this by attempting to get it taken down from the internet, thereby falling into the Streisand Effect (as noted by the Tweet below).

Interest in”Fat Axl Rose,” which had waned substantially, spiked again as a result.

Bukszpan interviewed me to discuss both Rose’s legal options and the dangers of the Streisand Effect.  (See my recent presentation on Reputation Management in the Era of Social Commerce for a discussion of the Streisand Effect).

I discussed Rose’s various options with Bukzspan and stressed that

The Internet is really good when it comes to copyright law,” he said. “People? Not so much.

See the full article: Axl Rose Wants a ‘Fat’ Photo Taken Off the Internet. Here’s Why It Won’t Happen.  Thanks to Brenda Christensen from Stellar Public Relations for the introduction.