Saudi Women Launch Twitter Campaign Against Male Guardianship

In Twitter and the Birth of “Women Spring” in Saudi Arabia, we outlined how social media has been a tool for women to seek basic freedoms.  This is not without risks, as the Saudi regime has jailed, flogged and even ordered the crucifixion for those offending it on social media.

Now, women have launched a social media campaign to end the antiquated rules of male guardianship despite the risk of backlash by the Saudi religious police or their own husbands.  Under Saudi custom women  “lack of capacity” which is the basis of the necessity of a male guardian whose permission must be granted for travel, medical procedures, obtaining permits, etc.  See Human Rights Watch study for details.

The issue will get renewed attention thanks in part to this CNN report.

Here is a sample of what is on Twitter.

A movement has begun and the world is watching.