CLBR #233: HRW’s Kristine Beckerle on Social Media and Women’s Rights in Saudi Arabia


14,000 Saudi Women Sign Petition to End Male Guardianship Laws In Response to Twitter Campaign


Boxed In: Women and Saudi Arabia’s Male Guardianship System

Saudi Women Launch Twitter Campaign Against Male Guardianship

Twitter and the Birth of “Women Spring” in Saudi Arabia


Human Rights Watch’s Kristine Beckerle (@K_Beckerle)  is the Yemen and Kuwait researcher in the Middle East and North Africa Division, investigating international human rights and humanitarian law violations in Yemen and human rights abuses in Kuwait. She previously worked as the Human Rights Watch Finberg Fellow, covering Saudi Arabia and women’s rights and authoring a report on the country’s male guardianship system. Prior to joining Human Rights Watch, Kristine worked with UNRWA, the UN Agency for Palestine Refugees, in Amman, Jordan, on issues related to gender-based violence and international protection. She holds a law degree from Yale Law School and a bachelor’s degree in social studies from Harvard University.

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